clay, me, and chloe v.

clay, me, and chloe v.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

mt rushmore

we opted to take a "lift n slide" ride near mt. rushmore. it was rad! the best part was riding down the slide in toboggan like sleds where you can control how fast you go. chloe and i rode together.... she looooved it! she kept telling me to slow down but i said no way dude, momma has a need for speed. when we got done she was complaining cause i didnt go fast enough. haha! like mother like daughter :)

mt rushmore. i had never seen it before and let me tell ya its pretty fantastic!

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sylvan lake and the needles highway

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the badlands look pretty good

the whole fam went away for the weekend and traveled to the west side of good ol south dakota to explore. good times were had... first stop on the trip: the badlands. kind of like a mini grand canyon.

we didnt encounter any 'rattlers here but we did see a baby rattlesnake near the cabin we stayed at.

my son, the comedian. hike those shorts up!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

my friend, the critter keeper

my friend sabrina lives in the town next to us and she is a fabulous person. i love hanging out over at her place cause its ridiculously fun to play with all the different creatures living there. its like an awesome little animal farm... meet some of her critters:





and my personal fav, steve-o ;)

zeta, the baby raccoon


baby chickies and duckies!!!

chloe's friend shantay

black and yellow black and yellow


mamas laying on some eggs